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My sincere love and best wishes to all friends of Splinterlands

All those who are connected with Splendor game know that SPS is progressing well maybe or its future will be very good but it is but you can earn by winning battle only those who follow force will play follow when you win force Then you will get SPS token as a rare from here

Day by day SPS Token is moving to different exchanges

Currently no one knows how far the popularity of Splendor has gone every week Splendor shows various improvements or advances only for us we know that various games have come on the online platform and I don't know if any other game has gained popularity through Splinterlands

There are different types of competitions like weekly social media challenge, weekly battle challenge and drawing challenge, from which we learn different types of challenges.

That's why I sincerely thank you from the developers of this platform to all the members for giving us such a platform.

Not only that, you can gain many kinds of knowledge by playing this game, not only the revenge of the game, but if you look at your daily life, you will realize that something from the game comes inside us to gain knowledge that we apply in our life. i can

I used to feel very weak before playing this game, I always thought that you can't do anything by being mean to people, yes it can be thought but in real life it's very difficult to follow and many people might think that you are the opposition player that you have. Sometimes you think you are weak, but you never know who the opposition is.

Our challenging topic this week is about cuts, but this one only uses water Splendor so we'll need to know a bit about water Splendor first.

Its lack of special abilities at the early levels makes it a card that loses value as the level of the league we compete in increases. Being a rare card, it has an evolution up to level 8, a level where it goes from two to four attack points. Speed ​​is two to three and Life is two to four. Additionally, at his last level he comes with the poison ability. An ability that gives the opponent a "chance" to poison and damage the card that receives it at the start of each turn.

Not only does water Splendor play an important role in attacking, but there are a few cards that play an important role.

A rare card. This is from the latest edition released: Chaos Legion and as usual is a starter card. It has attacks and very modest stats. This is reasonable considering it only has a three point summoning cost

I think it would be great to see the refined and luxurious side of the spirit. I can imagine Baron Kutzik Neculai sitting at table in his best clothes and eating while conversing and entertaining the people he rules, none knowing his true identity, and if one doubts, none saying a word for fear of their lives. no...

It has a wide attack which limits its usability to the last position in our line-up. Its life means that even in combat situations that allow it to attack cards of this type from first position, Soul Stranger will always appear at the bottom of the line-up. Soul Strangler has two attack points, speed and life, and no special abilities until its highest evolution level. At level 8 he adds the ability "Poison". A contribution that comes, perhaps, too late.

3 Mana1 Attack1 Speed3 Armor4 Health

The 3 mana Cursed Windeku brings 1 attack, 1speed, 4 health and a thorn ability that deals damage to melee attackers. Windeku makes a great tank with his high health, decent attack and ability to hit against attackers.

2 Mana1 Magic3 Speed1 HealthFlying
Ice Pixie

At 2 mana I chose to bring in Life Sapper next. 1 magic, 3 speed, 2 health and life leech ability can not only deal a small amount of damage to the life sapper, but also gain some health every time he successfully hits a monster.

I played a battle and here are some screenshots from the winning battle hope you like it

And so that you can enjoy my victory battle, I am presenting the battle link here

Until today, everyone will be fine, stay healthy, pray for me, thank you all for being with me.

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