Your AFITX Airdrop is Here!



Hey Actifitters!
We would like to thank you first for participating in the AFIT Digifinex Voting event!

As the voting has concluded last week, and as promised, we had an AFITX airdrop set for legitimate participants according to list shared back by digifinex team.

In order to claim and receive your airdrop, please fill out the form below

You would need to provide:

  • Your digifinex UID in textual format
  • Screenshot of your digifinex UID
  • Screenshot of your deposit history of 50$ minimum
  • A BEP-20 wallet address that supports AFIT/AFITX deposits (metamask for example)

Please make sure to fill the form max by 31 May 2022 to receive your airdrop.

We will verify and distribute AFITX tokens to validated participants.

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming few days!

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