Do the Texans have any real shot in 2022? + Titans vs Texans Madden 22 + TITANS Content

It was not very long ago, that the Texans looked like a team set for the next decade plus. Just two and half years ago, in January of 2020, the Houston Texans seemed to be on their way to the AFC Title Game. They had a pretty massive 24-0 lead over Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Until they choked.


Since then the Texans have kinda become a dumpster fire. It's a bit of a debate, but there are really two people two blame for the downfall of the Texans.

Former quarterback Deshaun Watson and former head coach Bill O'Brien both pretty much crumbled the Texans and there are little to no signs of life that the franchise will rebound anytime soon.

It must be really hard to be a Texans fan right about now. The franchise seemed to have such a bright future so recently, and now it seems like the franchise is pretty much in total chaos. For the past two seasons it's been not just bad football, but just endless drama.

Currently, the Texans have a new head coach in Lovie Smith and a young, relatively unknown QB in Davis Mills. It does seem like the odds are stacked against them, especially since the Texans have looked just as bad on the field, as they have off the field.

As a Titans fan, it's easy and even a bit fun to poke fun and be biased towards the Texans. But in attempt to be even mildly fair, even just for a second, I'll point out a few positives about the Texans heading into the upcoming season.

First, I actually like their choice in head coach. Head coaches are hard to find, but Lovie Smith actually is not at all a terrible selection. The guy is not perfect, but he's had success in the league, been in the league for awhile, and I kind of like his calm demeanor. He's a new head coach, but was on the staff last year.

The guy has been coaching in some capacity, since 1980.

The Texans underdog QB Davis Mills, has actually looked kinda good, despite what the mainstream media may say. He scared the HELL outta the Titans last year, that's for sure! The guy is big, pretty accurate. Solid in the pocket, underrated mobility. Hard to say how good he can get, but he seems pretty competent. Still super young.

Dude went to Stanford, same as Andrew Luck. Interesting.

In this past draft, the Texans selected a VERY high risk but also potentially very high reward cornerback prospect in Derek Stingley Jr. His tape is phenomenal, but there is only so much of it due to his pretty bad injury history.

All in all, it's gonna take a lot of effort, but the Texans are slowly trying to stop the bleeding from the past couple of years.

I'm afraid the Texans might suck though. As a Titans fan, I'm honestly not that afraid, I hope they suck, and I think they will.

But what are your expectations for the Houston Texans this season?

Recently, I faced the Texans on Madden and it was a fun close game. Always glad to get the dub against the Texans though! The player I faced actually used Deshaun Watson at QB. It was wild to see Watson play since not only did he not play last year, but just because of the whole circus that Deshaun has become. This is absolutely the final time Deshaun will be on the Texans roster in a Madden game. This will be trippy to look back on, no doubt.

Also, pretty hilarious I happened to be using the Titans throwback uniforms from when the Titans were the Houston Oilers while playing in Houston, LOL.

The Titans have seen the Texans CONSTANTLY over the years since they are division rivals.

Somehow, the Titans blew a game to the Texans in 2022, but the Titans got the better of them in a wild game in the final week of the regular season last year.

I NEED some Titans football man!!!!!! Apparently Treylon Burks looked really good in the first day of training camp!