Speed and versatility are often massively overrated in the NFL.


Often times I have noticed in life, especially in sports, that people ignore strengthening fundamentals in favor of being 'fast' or 'versatile'.

Well I hate to break it to you, I feel that is quite shortsighted, if not dumb.

Football is beautiful, but sometimes coaches, players, fans, try to like outsmart it when much of the time really, it's kind of a simple game. Not even trying to disrespect football, it's not all that simple, but some people love to try to like be a genius about this game.

When I write this, of course there are always going to be some exceptions to my claims. I do not claim that the examples I use are one-hundred percent. I will be generalizing.

First thing that comes to mind is the modern day running back. By far the most disrespected position in today's league.

I am a Tennessee Titans fan, and people idiotically like to point out that Derrick Henry is too big, too slow, or not versatile enough. They say he will decline with time, everyone slows with time. They say he gets too many touches.

Meanwhile I believe some of those reasons that other people criticize Henry, I believe actually benefit Henry immensely.

Henry is too big? Or is he too big for opponents...
Too slow? Hmmmmmm he has several long TD runs...

Meanwhile Henry does not really get injured much whatsoever. Henry is entering his sixth season and has been unavailable in two of them so far. He's appeared in or started every other Tennessee Titans game since 2016.

Other 'versatile' and 'fast' running backs tend to be smaller and more injury prone.

People really wonder why the narrative about running backs is that they are done after 30 years old or whatever?

Is this not simple math? Derrick Henry is huge like 6'4" 250 pounds and while people may think that's too big, guess what folks, football is a game that big people tend to succeed at. You don't need to be big but football players need power. Muscle. They need to be structurally strong, weight proportional to their bodies' frame.

Small, fast, light players may have success but for how long?

RB Christian McCaffrey is not that big. He is not small, he's got good overall size for his RB position, but here's the problem with his recent injury history. The Panthers expect this dude to play two positions.

It's so unfair to expect that from McCaffrey and other 'versatile' backs.

Pro football is hard enough. Derrick Henry has one main job and that's to run the ball.

McCaffrey has now faced injuries and it comes as no surprise. Most running backs that catch the ball a lot end up out of the league quick fast and in a hurry.

People are obsessed with the underdog and can relate to the smaller players. You can win a championship with speed. But dynasties are created with balance. Balance means you can't ignore power and strength which people love to belittle or ignore nowadays for whatever reason.

Bigger, stronger, meaner teams will always have their place, and with these new young coaches trying to always finesse their way into success will soon become out of style and unsuccessful.

I'm glad to hear players like Tom Brady speak up and say the game is getting softer.

Lamar Jackson trying to play two positions will not last too much longer either. I would be nervous and just waiting for decline or disaster if I'm a Ravens fan. Lamar may have BARELY beat the Chiefs in September, but lets see who wins in January.

Or in 2030.


I tend to agree with you completely on RB position. I'd prefer a FB style back over a WR back any day of the week if I'm running a team (unless of course I'm in a PPR fantasy league 😃).


Thanks for taking a look at my random ramble lol, sometimes sports narratives irk me and I gotta get stuff off my chest lol. Cool to see you feel similar!