Titans beat the Dolphins, became AFC South Champions 🏆 AND are now sitting atop the AFC as the #1 Seed!!!



This post is kind of late, but who really cares! I have been enjoying the heck out of this weekend's results and now it's finally time to share some thoughts!

Yesterday afternoon the Titans DOMINATED the Miami Dolphins in every way. It was perhaps competitive in most of the first quarter, but then the Titans started establishing themselves as the better team in practically every phase of the game.

I mean it really looked like the Titans were varsity and the Dolphins were junior varsity. The Titans are simply the better team and controlled the game throughout.

It was a beautiful sight!!!

The defense sacked Tua several times and they got an interception.

Titans running back D'Onta Foreman ran for 132 yards and one touchdown!

Titans QB Ryan Tannehill threw two touchdown passes! It was great to see Tannehill get revenge on his old team.

Dolphins fans realizing trading Tannehill for crumbs was a HUGE mistake...



All the while the Titans were manhandling the Dolphins, therefore locking up the team's SECOND straight AFC South Title, I was keeping my eye on the Chiefs-Bengals scoreboard hoping for a Bengals victory and BOYYYYYY the Bengals got it done!!!

Thanks to the Chiefs taking that L, the Titans move up to the top seed in the AFC! If the Titans defeat the Texans next week, then the Titans will be officially the top seed and get a BYE week heading into the playoffs!!

The BYE week is huge for many reasons, but a big reason is Titans superstar running back Derrick Henry is set to return VERY soon, perhaps even next week. Giving Derrick an additional week off to heal and prepare will be a massive advantage.

It would be amazing for the road to the Super Bowl to go through Nashville!

Ah what a beautiful sight. AFC South Champs, #1 AFC Seed, now just two more Championships to go. AFC Championship and Super Bowl Championship...



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Mainstream sports media continues to mostly ignore the Titans success. All I can say is people are starting to notice more and more how terribly run these media organizations are.

Places like Hive and perhaps other social and video platforms will become the norm, and ESPN will soon crash and burn. Their terrible takes will burn with them.

The Titans have lost basically their entire roster like three times (exaggerating LOL) and they still manage to be at the top spot in the division.

The Titans have beaten the most teams above .500 this year and now the team is getting healthy? Sheeeeeeesh.

Considering everything going on right now, I really think the Titans can win it all! Not saying that it's a guarantee but I will say I've never been this confident in the Titans chances to win it all, maybe since Steve McNair! 2019 I felt a lot of magic, but considering the Titans strong season throughout this year, man.....

The Titans are coming into the playoffs DANGEROUS. Don't let ESPN lie to you.

The Titans must:

  • Beat the Texans next week to lock up the #1 seed!
  • Get Derrick Henry back!

Ahhhh. Let people sleep and forget about this man.... They will regret it!



The Titans are in a beautiful position. Now its time to EXECUTE!!


nfl-national-football-league (8).gif




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