Titans lose to the Patriots, 13-36 - Titans officially one of the most injured NFL teams of all time


Ugh. I actually thought the Titans were going to win this one man. The game only got out of hand pretty late. The Titans were running the ball great, the backs Hilliard and Foreman were doing pretty good except for them both having HUGE errors with fumbles while the Titans had momentum. The Titans lost three fumbles and had four total turnovers. That's really what cost the game. The Titans could have taken the lead in the second half somewhat late with a big run until Foreman coughed it up. The Titans had momentum until that moment. I really felt overall the Titans were playing better from like the second to third quarters.

The Titans had 270 rushing yards man. There were some positives, but the Titans just can't be turning the ball over. Props to the Pats for forcing those turnovers.

The Titans also left 4 points off the board with missed kicks by Titans Kicker Randy Bullock.

I really don't think the score indicates how close this game was. The Titans choked in huge moments, the Pats created turnovers and were opportunistic.

With five games left, these 2021 Titans are arguably the MOST injured NFL team of all time. 86 different players have played for the Titans - an NFL Record.


Src. That is insane man. This team is just down bad in terms of injuries.

At this point as a Titans fan, I'm clinging to these positives which I think are decent:

  • Despite the score, the Titans had a chance to beat the Pats while having a ridiculous amount of injuries.
  • The Colts lost, so the Titans odds to lock up the AFC South Division Championship did go up slightly.
  • The Titans can finally rest on a BYE week after literally being the most injured team of all time.

The Big Picture

The Titans are in a decent spot overall despite how tough these past two losses were. They did lose their number one spot in the AFC, but that is still entirely possible to achieve still. Currently, the Titans are the #3 Seed in the AFC.

Hopefully over the next two weeks, Hilliard and Foreman can re-focus on their new roles as pro running backs. Grasp the offense better, not fumble it. Improve on what was almost an epic two back game where they both ran for over 100 yards against the Patriots.

Like I said, the Titans also don't have to worry that much about winning their division. The 8-4 Titans have a decent two game cushion over the 6-6 Colts along with the clutch 2-0 head to head advantage over them. So basically the Titans have a three game lead in the AFC South.

Current AFC South Standings:


I just am glad the team gets to finally rest after twelve straight weeks of football. I hope that inured players can get back and healthy players can heal too. There is not a single player that is not dealing with something this deep in the NFL season.

I imagine the team feels like this times 50:


Src. But hey at least the players will be on the couch this Sunday, and not getting hit.

Still a significant amount of football left, the season is not over! If any team needs a BYE week, it's this team.

Tough loss, but #Titanup!!!!



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