I was very happy that New Zealand won the semi-final today and secured a place in the final for itself


My dear friends, as I told you in a recent post that the World Cup T20 semi-finals are being played, there are two teams competing in it. I told my friends before the match started that the New Zealand team won the match and that's what happened and the New Zealand team won the semi-final match
England had set a target of 167. The New Zealand team achieved the target in the 19th over by batting in a smoky manner. New Zealand's score in the over was one hundred and nine then it started raining sixes and fours and the England team did not get a chance to take over and the target was achieved in 19 overs. It is very nice to watch the match on TV. Very happy


The New Zealand captain named the match after his parents. The New Zealand captain looked very optimistic and he worked very hard and fielded well throughout the tournament and also caught some lovely catches. The second semi-final will be played between Pakistan and Australia tomorrow. The winning team will play the final match against New Zealand. The parents of the New Zealand captain were also present on the ground and were very happy after winning the match. She was happier and happier when the match was won

My friends were very happy when this match was won because there was a time when New Zealand was on the verge of defeat. The percentage of the best man who helped after that achieved the target. When the New Zealand team won the semi-finals of the World Twenty20, I was very h
I congratulate the New Zealand cricket team must be celebrating in New Zealand today because for the first time the New Zealand team has reached the final of the World T20 World Cup I again congratulate the New Zealand captain and the entire team I offer my best wishes to my friends