Positive Note Even Losing the AFF CUP

Indonesia finally has admit the superiority of the Thailand Team in the AFF Cup Finals. After losing 4-0 in the first leg, they only manage to get a 2-2 draw in the second leg. Which means that Thailand become the Champion of the 2020 AFF Suzuki Cup.



They deserve the win, as they show how well they played. So Congratulations Thailand for winning the Cup.

Even tough We are losing, but I am happy and proud of the players' performance. They have give their best, and it shown that we might have a chance in the future. Because most of them are still in their 20s so that means we will have a better player in the next tournament if they can develop.


This is The very first time I hardly see a bad comment of the team performance. Most of the feed back or review or the buzz on the social media are positive.

The fact that they lost but get more encouragement from the national supporters means most of the people are happy with their performance.


These young player get their much needed experience to play at the top level against more experience Thailand player which hopefully will help them develop. They can bring those experience to their club and it will be beneficial for the future tournament.

There are so many young Indonesian players who play abroad, some play in Asian Club, while some other play in Europe. Yes they only play in the almost unknown club or in the lower European league, but still they get the needed experience and a more sustainable league.

It will be very exciting to see how they all perform in the coming tournament. I expect they will all play really good, if things went right, and the association is not being fucked up again by some useless power hungry politicians.