When Bonuses?

If last time I talk about why Indonesian Soccers teams can't even get build a great team which consists of 11 players on the pitch from more than now I will tell you another problem which always appears after a sporting event ends. Moreover if the player competing can bring home a medal.

The problem is about the money, the tournament bonuses, or winning bonuses which are usually being promised by a politician or the head of the associations. It was just a short cold breeze in a dry desert land.


As most politicians do, they would easily promise to give big bonuses toward the player yet really hard to materialize it. It is because the bureaucracy in Indonesia is such a mess, not to mention the corruption here, which will just cut down the bonuses given to the player.

The latest is the problem between PBSI as the Indonesian badminton association with the players who manage to win the Thomas Cup. One of the prestigious championships in badminton.

The player expresses their feeling on social media, and it becomes a hotspot and is being spotlighted by the population. Right after it went viral, then the association is releasing the bonuses promised.


I know we can argue and ask the motivation of the player because it was all about money, but they deserve to get the bonuses because they have done well to perform and bring the medal and the champion back to Indonesia.

And those politicians and also the member of the association should really have been preparing the bonuses so that after the event finish all can be sent almost immediately.

Because you know, those politicians and the member of the association will be put in the banner or billboard or in the national tv claiming the victory which was done by the player.

I wonder if this kind of case is also happening in another country.