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Hello Hivers and Welcome to my 3rd Blog Post!

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Every day, we realize the hastily evolving of the world and for that reason we need to evolve with it. In the following post, I give you the 6 tips that I applied in my personal life during this COVID-19 lockdown. These simple tips allowed me to activate some hidden cognitive abilities and improve my lifestyle to face all the changes that have been born in the last months. I hope it helps you, and you can apply them in your own life.

So, let’s go!

Way 1: Do a stretching routine when you wake up.

When we do a small stretching routine we increase our body circulation, and if we yawn (at the same time) we enrich our blood with more oxygen.


Say goodbye to your “Permanent Backache” in a natural and sporty way.

“The morning stretches” will help us to improve our posture and promotes our muscular elasticity, especially now; because working at home has become the new work lifestyle.
The short morning stretching routine that I usually do, are those related to Yoga and Pilates, both disciplines allow us to work the muscles of our entire body in a short time. Besides, this stimulates my digestion and the kidneys, both systems are essential in the detoxification process of our body.

Did you know? To make this routine easily, professionals recommend stretching exercises 4-5 times a week for 5 minutes each day.

Way 2: Review and prioritize the week's diary.

When we use a diary we can prioritize activities based on their importance; we will know what we have to do, how we have to do it and with whom we have to do it, because the diary gives us the route. At the same time, we can review our goals and think about where we want to be and maybe write down the steps we need to take to get there.


We should choose a diary depending on how our daily activities can be.

If you use your diary every day, it will soon become a habit. Remember that you should always keep it up to date and delete completed or canceled activities, otherwise; your diary can become disorganized, making your life a disorganized world as well.

When we have a diary and use it correctly, we can maximize our life and prevent wasted time from draining our days because it allows us to use our time more productively and focus on what is important.

Did you know? Experts recommend using a diary; because we'll be able to draw up strategies and reduce the procrastination conduct.

Way 3: Prepare the menu of the week:

Selecting and organizing what we want to eat, it makes us aware of our diet and encourages us to create more balanced meals.


Forget about sausages, because they are loaded with salt and chemicals that should be eliminated from our daily food intake. In fact, the WHO declared processed meats (including ham and sausages) as carcinogenic.

Applying this method, I noticed a considerable improvement in my health and my budget. When I plan my menu, I know what I will need to buy based on what I really want to eat, trying to create balanced and healthy dishes with many flavors and textures. This makes my shopping more efficient and cuts down the unplanned trips to buy just one or two things, and minimize the impulse buying.

The key to successful planning menu is to make healthy purchases: avoided visiting the supermarket with hunger, carrying a list of necessary items, learning about new products and buying only the amount of food that the family can use or consume in a short period, because if an expiration date of a product is longer, then; more harmful it can be for our body.

Did you know? If you want to improve your cognitive functioning, you must include in your diet: oats, fish, nuts, olive oil, avocado, broccoli, eggs, and fish; these foods have a high nutritional value for our brain.

Way 4: Take some time for yourself.
Taking time for yourself is investing in health, you take a time to be “exclusively” with yourself. In that space dedicated to you, you have an opportunity to take care of yourself and think about what you want and what you don't want in life. When we spend time with ourselves, we learn to develop a conclusive, logical, and objective mindset. There are those who meditate, do yoga, practice mindfulness or who simply sit in front of a window and let out a long sigh in deep calm.


When we take time for ourselves, we gain clarity, understand our own way of thinking, and we think in a different way when environmental stimuli affect our internal communication.

I like to do meditation, because it keeps calm my mind, stimulates my concentration and helps me prioritize the events of the day from a focused perspective.
In addition to this, I've learned to know myself more deeply, being in awareness with my physical and emotional sensations, to develop a balance in character and a greater understanding of the goals and motivations that drive me on a day to day.

Remember, sometimes it’s difficult to communicate our ideas to others. Nevertheless, when we start taking time for ourselves, our intrapersonal communication improves, many emotional obstacles disappear, and we share our insights in a better way.

Did you know? Scientific studies have shown that when we meditate, we increase the size of the gray matter of our brain.

Way 5: Learn something new.

When you are learning something new, it's like using a muscle that you haven't used for a long time. Although it may be difficult at first, your brain will adjust to the daily challenge, your self-confidence will increase with each achievement, and most importantly, learning will become fun.


Life is a continuous learning process and your becoming in it, your joys and your sufferings are closely linked with your ability to learn.

Knowledge is power. By taking online classes and making a hobby out of it, you can achieve all the following:
— Learning new skills increases feelings of self-efficacy, which means that your belief in your ability to produce the results that you’re after increases.
— Learning new skills can make you more valuable at work, which could result in a promotion.
— Learning new things stimulates the brain and helps to keep your mind sharp.

In this lockdown I took several specialized courses to improve my profile as an engineer and I also redesigned my startup, based on the new trends available in the world market. Never is too late to start a new project and boost some hidden skills.

Nelson Mandela said: “The day you stop learning and sharing, you become irrelevant.”

Way 6: Sleep well.
Sleeping well or badly is as important as eating a good diet. A bad rest (On a physical and psychological level) has negative consequences on the body and the brain. On a physical level, an inadequate night's rest causes fatigue, decreased concentration, affects our immune system, appetite, respiration, blood pressure and cardiovascular health. On a psychological level, “chronic sleep problems” promotes the development of diseases such as depression and anxiety.”


If you have difficulty sleeping, you should get out of your bed and return after 15-20 minutes, because if you stay in bed awake, the brain learns that in bed you can be awake and therefore so much insomnia is amplified ”.

For me, SLEEPING WELL means sleeping in a clean bed, with a suitable room temperature and without access to light. Keeping my rest area in a healthy order rewards me with a restful night's sleep. As a plus, I like to perfume the bed with a little lavender, this scent reduces cortisol (the stress hormone) and relax the nerves of the brain, helping us to achieve a deeper and longer rest.

Although personal needs are different, on average, an adult needs between 7 and 8 hours of sleep per night. Babies sleep about 16 hours a day. Young children need about 10 hours of sleep, while teenagers need at least 9 hours. To get the most of the restorative benefits of sleep, it is important to get a full night of quality sleep.

Did you know? You must be awareness that your bed is only for sleeping, avoid activities such as watching television or eating. With this habit, you will promote the conciliation and good sleep.

With this simple tips, you will boost your life step by step.

Do you have any special routine too? Talk to me!

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