RE: The Barcelona Scandal: Can We Trust Football?

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Okay, I'll go through this one by one. You really need to work on your phrasing.

I don't know how much football have you seen! It's nothing new. Football isn't all about fouls. Imagine Refree called for a foul instead of giving an advantage while it could have been a counter? Same thing happened in Worldcup Final.

When did I say football was all about fouls? I am fine with referees letting a foul go because the team still has an advantage. I don't think you've read the post and you're just responding randomly.

Media wasn't that much happening then, So things don't used to come up that much.

You may wanna rephrase this.

Forget everything, just think once. Imagine Madrid or United did that! Now compare the reaction and media with Barcelona's time.

I can't imagine the reaction being different really. Barcelona are being shamed for its actions, plus there are legal moves that could actually send some people to prison, and rightfully so. I imagine the same would happen if it was Real or Manchester United. Barcelona behaved in a shady way and if there's justice in football the club should be at least paying a huge fine.

Here you are showing some biased clips to support your cause and here I am who have seen most of the matches.

Yes, because the clips are meant to show that if things went Barcelona's way fully, these things won't be happening to them. I have watched all of those and not most, not that it matters anyway because the point isn't to absolve Barcelona of wrongdoing or even get a favourited treatment, which you would have known if you read the paragraph right before the video.

The person who made this video don't even know basic rules let alone watching those matches.

Not sure what instant of that video you're referring to here because yes, there are many clips in that video where at best it was a grey area, but I couldn't gather each clip separately.

Just read the whole thing you're responding to or otherwise don't comment.