Minimum football player

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. This sport is loved by many people, both men and women, young to old. Football is a type of large ball game that is played in teams with each team of 11 players.

Then, in a soccer match, two different teams bring together with the aim of scoring a goal against the opponent's goal. Although each team contains 11 people, there is a minimum number of players per team or team for a soccer match to take place.


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The minimum number of soccer players in a team in a senior men's soccer match is 11 people, including one team member as a goalkeeper or goalkeeper.

A match may not start or continue if a team has fewer than seven players on the field including the goalkeeper. If one or two players intentionally leave the field and result in a team of fewer than seven players, the referee is not obliged to stop while the ball is still in play. That is, the advantage for the opposing team with these conditions.

However, if a team does not have a minimum of seven players after the ball is out of play, the referee may not continue the game.