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As mentioned in my sunday post, I have let myself go too much during the lockdown, no exercises to speak of and many food breaks per day mostly due to boredom and I'm a foodie.

Before, I used to let my formerly lightning fast metabolism handle the fat burning when I didn't feel like exercising. But now I have to get used to my new reality.

I for sure will miss those glory days for I was somewhat of a legend at home, in our school's cafeteria, and in the restaurants we used to visit. Everybody used to be amazed(some even threatened) by my gift. From my parents to my brothers, from my friends to my frienemies, very few people could go for as many seconds as me and still keep their ideal frame.

I thought I still had a few more years but unfortunately those days are long gone now and I gotta actively burn sweat to keep shape.

I mean, even when my gift was still bountiful I did play quite a few sports but didn't need them to stay skinny, as I could easily go for many months of consistent face stuffing sessions with no exercise whatsoever and still, there would be no consequences. None visible at least.

But as they say time remains undefeated and the fast metabolism has sadly run it's course. Let's give it a moment of silence.

Ok, now that we're done with the moment of silence, time for the meat and potato of this post.

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My Pic.

Again, as mentioned Sunday for at least a month I'll be posting pics of my progress once a week. Well I started today and to be honest, getting in the rhythm was harder than I expected as I sometimes had to take a break within reps but overtime I'm sure it will become more seemless though not necessarily easier.

Anywho, the exercises I'll focus on the most at first are but not limited to;

  • Planks: I freakin hate planks, like religiously. Sadly they are a necessary evil. They do wonders for the posture, the core, and they don't take much time to do. Couldn't bring myself to do any today though.

  • Squats: Squats are some of my favorite exercises (hated when actually doing them) because they work a lot of muscles. The upper legs, the core and the abs. And not to mention they help a lot with one's posture, plus the butt. lol

  • Deadlifts with mini weights: Good for the lower back, the core, and if you want to break an uncontrollable amount of sweat in a very short time, this is your exercise. Prefered exercise when in a hurry to go somewhere.

  • Push-ups: What more can I say, sometimes you just gotta go back to the basics. I'm sure you all know what purpose they serve. Chest, shoulders, triceps, etc, depending on which variant you're doing. The amount of push-ups I could do today per set was straight up embarrassing though, care to guess?

Once my body will be used to many sets of the above exercises I intend to move onto more advanced exercises.

If you interested in finding them, my dealer of choice is the channel Athlean-x on youtube. Dude(Jeff Cavaliere) has plenty of exercises for all levels, and the best part is, he also has those for which you don't need any equipments.

Again, you're very welcome for the plug.

Anyways, that's it for this post;



I think that we all hit that tipping point at some stage. The lockdown didn't help with all of our usual activities closed off. It's good that you are taking on a bit of a challenge to break the cycle but to be fair you aren't very far gone. Nothing a bit of toning up can't cure. 😂

The idea is good though and I might need to think about it myself too. It's been along few weeks and the motivation for exercise went after the first few weeks of lockdown. At least football and things are back so that there is something more fun to do outside.