Quest's Dividends & OG Liquid Pool


What a rewarding sight. 1 potion, 10 Crystals, the rest cards with only a Legendary missing for it to be a Supreme pull. No worries, a lil birdie told me I'll get the Legendary tomorrow, if not I'll get GFL during the week. Lil birdie never lies.

Liquid Pool:

So yeah, today I did get to jump in the pool and get a few good laps in. The water was hella cold but it didn't matter, I'd just remembered how appeasing and liberating it can be.

The verdict is;

So worth the wait!

Tomorrow I'll try going during morning or afternoon hours so that I may get to swim for much longer, and to sunbathe too if I feel fancy. If I do go I'll spend much less time in the weight room though, I was already sore from yesterday's session and seeing that today's was more intensive than yesterday's, I'm pretty sure the pain will be excruciating.

But as they say, no pain no...


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