New acquisition! TEMPO-X Football shoes

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I had a long time without being able to go play soccer with a friend because my previous shoes had deteriorated too much.

Most soccer shoes are around 40$-55$, a pretty high price compared to any kind of regular shoe (in my country at least). But after scraping together some money, I thought it was time to buy some so I could go play and de-stress on the weekends.

Because of how expensive the shoes are, there are people who play without them (totally barefoot!), and the most ironic thing is that they are the ones who play the most! I would not dare to play that way, my feet would not withstand so much friction with the ground and I would end up destroying them, who knows if I would never play soccer again.

To tell the truth, they have very good aesthetics, I like the bluish tone they have and the slight reddish in the back, the flashy tones in soccer shoes always give an energetic touch.

It's like in video games, the better skin you have, the better you are at playing! or so it would seem😅.

Briana loves to smell all the new things I bring into the house, be it clothes, shoes and even food! As soon as I tried them on to take a picture of them, she came right over to see what it was and what it smelled like. Luckily, she is not the type of dog that bites her shoes, so on that side I know that my beloved soccer shoes will be safe.


I'll probably get to play tomorrow and I'll be able to use them for the first time.