Deshaun Watson to the Miami Dolphins?



I just wanna nip this in the bud in case the trade does happen before the deadline on November 2nd.

Deshaun Watson to the Miami Dolphins for (presumably) three first round draft pick and two seconds.

As a Bills fan, I say "Go for it!"

Yeah, our division rivals will get better at the QB position; but, unless the Texans are willing to lower their asking price, the Dolphins will be selling their future for a few years; and, it will put the NFL's feet to the fire.

For those who haven't been following the story, Watson hasn't played this season due to twenty-two civil suits regarding sexual assault and ten criminal complaints. The NFL hasn't taken action against Watson because the Texas have kept him off the field.

If this trade happens this week, it's the Dolphins trying to save their season. That would be a long shot for a 1-5 team; but, it would also come with the assumption that Watson could play. So, in the wake of Gruden being expeditiously fired over ten year-old emails, it will put the NFL in a tough spot in deciding whether or not to allow an accused sex abuser to play. I would love to see the NFL sweat over that.

If the trade happens any time next week, the Dolphins will be engaging in the worst tank in NFL history. They'll probably have to trade out of the first round for the next two seasons and have very little in later rounds.

If the Dolphins trade at the deadline, yeah, they'll probably lose to the Bills again while they might beat the Falcons. So, they'll be 1-7 or 2-6 barring miracles. If Watson can play, at that point, they'd need to win out to be close to a wildcard spot; or, they'll be a bad team with no draft capital to add any weapons around Watson.

I would also love to see Watson make a move from a bad team with no future to a bad team with no future.

Please, Miami Dolphins, make this trade and make it soon. Please screw yourselves.