not a very good post but there was not enough staff to write about web3 games pośrednictwem with actifit report on May 1 2023


This is my daily web3 gaming progress update.

By the way, if you know any good or decent even web3 games just let me know I am looking for new ones all the time.

free games.jpg


This time I have more luck at the beginning of the season, I started with raising at 1300 and I did not drop into Bronze. Currently, I am around 1k4 and Silver 2 but I should be able to climb up in the next day or two.


I am waiting for the current season to end. I have one last crop to be ready for harvest in the next 2 days and that's all.


Other than mint of Homeless, Worker and Studen cards I do continue my strategy of buying Research Center cards for 1300 SIM until I have unemployed citizens. I am not sure what I will do after but I think I will look into another Tax refund-giving building. I will also have to think about how to recover 60k of SIM Power.

Rising Star

I am slowly buying more fans. I currently haVE 3645 from cards and another 500 drunk but I need to reach 10k before I will reach level 200 so I can run all missions in stage 3. I do have a feeling that I will hit 10k fans much quicker than the 200 level but I will see.


I am still collecting Startdom so I can reach 1000 fans. After my recent purchase, I only need another 95 of them and this is achievable with one Rare person card.

Golem Overlord

I have reached the level when I need more than one day to collect all required Parts for any proper upgrade. The good side is that I have enough attacks, power and faith to fill my bar before the claim. I think that for now I will boost my faith and see what will be next.


I have put both of my items for sale but I have put the step price of 50 HIVBE for them and I am not sure if they are sellable for it. On the other hand, the price is on the level of what is on the market so I will wait. I have also gathered 1/4 of SCRAP required for another box so I have a few days before I will have to make a decision if I want a box or boost my abilities.

Games I am looking at:

This is my list of potential new games to take part in, some are still in development some do not work for me:

I am also a Hive Witness, please consider voting for me

as well as

Hive Engine Witness

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