Season rewards - opening 55 champion chests

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Welcome Guys!

55 ch3 season rewards.png

This time grinding in season especially in modern took to much time and in last 2 days I decided to change to wild format.

I made speed run from Gold 3 to Champion 3 in one day!

Incredible right?

The joke is that I used only modern cards haha xD

Just look at these sweet win ratio ~85%!

g3-d1 85% win ratio.png

I had to wait couple hours to regen my erc and I decided to climb more to Champion III!


And bang here we go!

My erc was around 50% so I finished playing for that day :P


Ok, Guys now is the moment to watch the video and see my season rewards!
Are you ready to see my rewards from last season?

Here we go!

Of course like every time I wish you luck with your further rewards and I hope so that we all get benefit from this play2earn game!

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