My daily rewards in Diamond Edition!


Welcome Guys!

splinterlands thumbnail.png

Current season is about to end and that is good opportunity to post some daily rewards from past days. I took so many boxes when I was in Diamond and now I want share with you Guys what I got!

So let's go!

d3 rewards next day.png

d3 rewards.png

Then I advanced to Diamond II so next rewards will be from D2

d2 advancement.png

d2 dragon rewards.png

d2 fire quest rewards.png

d2 life quest.png

d2 rewards earth quest.png

d2 rewards.png

Of course I adcanced to Diamond I too, so now I gonna share some from Diamond I :)

d1 advancement.png

d1 life quest.png

d1 life quest2.png

d1 life1.png

Did you get something interesting from your daily rewards? :)

You never played Splinterlands before?

You can join now by register from my affiliate link:

In next post I gonna show you what I got from chaos legion packs, so stay tuned! ;)


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