Finally the long awaited season is here...

The premier League is up and running. fans all over the world have been waiting Soo long for this moments which has been kept pending for some months now.
Football clubs on their own sides have been preparing so much within the months to make the season entertaining enough for their millions of fans all over the world, series of players have been bought and sold across the leagues, and many more would be bought and sold too in the coming weeks while the fans keep their fingers crossed and watch. but the question which still remains unanswered is this ...
HOW PREPARED ARE THEY ? we wouldn't know for certain how ready the clubs may have been until the start of the league , the just concluded pre season games had been a sort of test set before the main examination, and many of the top clubs seem to have passed this test , impressing to their fans.

MANCHESTER UNITED amongst other premier league top clubs have been busy during the transfer window buying, selling and loaning their players , all in the bid to have an improved performance in the coming season . it's true that Man Uniteds' performance last season was a very bad one , undoubtedly one of their worst seasons in history. Well, that's in the past now , we are here to focus on the future which seem brighter, especially now with a new coach in the club and few new signings. But another question goes.."Are these few new signings enough to start the new season ??" judging from the prowess of other top clubs (competing with them this season) in the transfer market , and Man Uniteds' sluggishness to bring out money and sign new players , are they ready to fight for the top 4 ??
The answer to this question will remain unanswered,but may be answered during mid season or at the final stages of the season.
but from the look of things it seem on the contrary , Man United to me do not seem ready for this competition yet. The squad depth is not strong enough . They might start well ,due to the effect of new players and coach, but , later on during mid season they would begin to falter. if they fail to sign in more players. As a result of which may keep them the same place they found themselves last season.

It's more than a month now, the transfer window is drawing to a close , but yet Man United are still lingering on the frenkie de Jong deal, of which reason I'm yet to find out but believe it's for the better .
But all these time spent on just a single player who up till now still seem unlikely to join the club is not worth it. De Jong no doubt is a great player , one of the best midfielders currently, but he had bluntly refused to join the club despite several attempts from his former coach to lure him to the club, rather preferring to play as a center back for his dream club other than leaving.

On my own opinion, I would suggest that they go for another midfielder now there is still time. There are many other options to consider in that position, Man United is a big club , there's hardly any player that wouldn't want to play in the Club.
The board need to act fast in respect to this they should aid the new coach. Enter into the market, look for better options that would fit in not only in the mid field , but also forward . Benjamin sesko (the new Man United target) is a great talented young footballer of which Man United can easily get at this moment only if they act fast because , the earlier the club acts the better, the transfer window is drawing nearer, the season has already begun , Man United need to sign in good players of their choice now , or they would end up In a situation whereby they would be forced to buy any type of player without proper scrutinization and against their choice.
As a Man United fan or a football lover , where do you think Man United would end up at the end of the season with this squad ?? Do you think they are ready to fight for a place in the top four?? or end up the same place they found themselves last season?? .