One of the most iconic goal celebrations of our generation, owned by one of the greatest footballers of our time, but often copied by not only other footballers , but also children who has become so obsessed with the celebration, donning it on school playgrounds and furthermore adults while playing in street corners.....
I've just been inquisitive to know what's so special about this goal celebration.

Goal celebrations (mostly of recent times) has been made to look more unique than it formally used to . Other than running widely around the field joyously, mouth agape while shouting "GOAL!!!" with fellow teammates chasing after the player, footballers now come up with some unique and personal style of celebrating their goals . Some players just make some gestures with their hands, while some do that with their feet , there are some others who celebrate their goals with some summersault while some do that with some dance steps always unique to them.

But Cristiano Ronaldo's "SIUU" celebration has over the decade been one of which seem to be more recognized than the others . The trademark jump into the air , swivel turn, accompanied by his shouting of "SIUU" with outstretched arms while landing has won the admiration of many other players and fans as well, who now helps him out with the "SIUU" shout on landing, even if so many of them do no know what it means
Many other footballers have been spotted both in a real match and during training sessions, in different leagues, in the senior team and in the academy performing the trademark SIU celebration that it now seem as an accepted way of celebrating a goal in the game of football

According to the originator, it started just as normal , while Ronaldo being a very dramatic guy as always had scored a stunning close range header against rivals Chelsea .he just ran to the side of the pitch and did the SIU celebration, but this was without the swivel . At first, he shouted SII which means yes In Spanish . on finding out that fans loved the celebration he decided to keep on with it and then added some more upgrade to it like changing the SII to SIUU , and also included the swivel turn.

But come to think of it 🙄🙄 what if it were another player who had invented this goal celebration ? Would it have gone this far ??
or is it just because it is Cristiano Ronaldo?? Does the personality have any influence on the game of this goal celebration??