Singapore F1 Grand Prix Weekend Summary

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Formula 1 has arrived this weekend in the principality of Singapore with many possibilities for Max Verstappen to take the second crown of this automotive category. On the other hand, the international motorsport federation has extended a little more the rules of porpotaje for all teams, giving opportunities to many of the small teams to get a little closer to the leading drivers of the grid.



During free practice we have seen that the Ferrari team has been quite fast in practice 1, 2 and 3, as their drivers have been in the top 1 and 3 this weekend, the Mercedes team has improved their performance, as this rule imposed by the FIA has been able to benefit little by little their drivers and at the same time has given opportunities to improve the German team's cars.

During the qualifying test we saw that the Ferrari team took the Pole Position and Max Verstappen was undoubtedly the controversy, the Dutch driver was doing his fastest lap, which could be seen to be the best, as in all sectors of the circuit was marked in purple, and the driver in the absence of a curve aborted the lap because his track engineer immediately called him to the pits. This generated great anger on the part of the driver, however, the track engineer informed him that he had explained to him when he got out of the car. The reason was probably that the car was going to run out of fuel and he could not make the previous lap to return to the pits.



This weekend there were many accusations from the Ferrari team and the Mercedes team to the Red Bull energy drinks team, both accused that the Milton Keys team has exceeded its annual budget in terms of development and technology that this team has done so far this season.

Christian Horner, head of the team, has responded to all that they cannot make public their annual budget because it is a strategy that each team must reserve throughout the season. Ferrari's leaders have argued that the Red Bull team has exceeded its budget by about 7.5 million dollars in development, so the international motorsport federation is investigating the case to verify if there is any infringement in the Red Bull team.



Finally, Pole Position was won by Monegasque driver Charles Leclerc, followed by Sergio Perez, Lewis Hamilton, Carlos Sainz and an exciting fifth place for Spanish driver Fernando Alonso.



The Singapore Grand Prix starts and we see that Sergio Perez easily overtakes Charles Leclerc, who stayed a bit at the start. Driver Max Verstappen lost some positions at the start, he stayed in the middle of the grid, finding enough traffic to be away from the leading drivers. Mexican driver Sergio Perez gradually pulled away from the rest of the field along with Charles Leclerc. The Singapore Grand Prix was contested with the track completely wet and we saw the teams looking for the best strategies for their drivers, we saw cars going off the track, we saw Fernando Alonso who had to abandon the Grand Prix due to problems in his car. Kevin Magnussen had a small brush with Max Verstappen. It was a race where overtaking another car was extremely difficult, as the circuit does not have enough straights to start fighting for positions. Max Verstappen lost significant time in an opportunity he had to try to overtake the English driver Lando Norris, he stretched the braking too much, losing some grip, which made him lose some positions. Finally, the Dutch driver joined the train of Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel. Max Verstappen was fighting for positions in the middle of the grid, finally managed to overtake Lewis Hamilton, who had a mistake on track and allowed him to give up the position. Sergio Perez was under observation, as during the Grand Prix he came quite close to the Safety Car and violated the margin of separation between his car and the Safety Car. He was surely going to be penalized with 5 seconds, so the Mexican driver had to force and push hard to get far enough away from Charles Leclerc and get those 5 seconds in case he was penalized in order not to lose the grand prix.



This grand prix was quite exciting and the driver Sergio Perez managed to take this victory in Singapore that he really deserved since a long time ago.



Canadian driver Nicolas Latifi has been sanctioned for the upcoming Japanese Grand Prix for being responsible for the damage caused to Guanyu Zhou's Alfa Romeo, which was left out of the Singapore Grand Prix. The international motorsport federation has taken action and decided to sanction him for the Japanese Grand Prix.

Lance Stroll made a great comeback starting from 12th position and managing to be in 6th position, the Aston Martin team is quite happy with the performance of the Canadian driver.



As for the Formula 1 records we see that the driver Fernando Alonso has managed to dispute his 351st Grand Prix, surpassing the Finnish driver Kimi Matias Raikkonen who had 350, after the Finnish driver follow the other drivers Rubens Barrichello, Michael Schumacher and the active driver Lewis Hamilton, who has 304 Grand Prix.



Quite a few driver retirements on the track. We saw George Russell who could not find grip for more than half of this circuit. Finally Lewis Hamilton admitted that he did not expect his car to advance so much in terms of performance. This weekend comes the Japanese Grand Prix and it will be a very exciting Grand Prix as it has straights where overtaking is possible and the DRS zones are very good for overtaking. Dutch driver Max Verstappen is 100 points behind Charles Leclerc and there are only a few Grands Prix left to finish the season. Ferrari has that small chance to make it, however, they will have to work as a team to be at the top of the championship.


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