Learning Snowboarding - Day 2

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It is now day 2 of my snowboarding journey. I have had a lot of time thinking about how to go about all of it. Thankfully my professional lessons begin in a few days. It will be a huge upgrade and I believe I will be learning at a faster rate and properly. In this video you can see the first few "sucessful" attempts I had with skating and sliding. Videoing the progress is going to be super helpful. I did the same when I was learning breakdancing and it really helped finding and picking out mistakes. Back then we did not have good cameras. It was a blackberry, if I remember correctly. But the passion was there and the small thumbnail sized videos were more than enough for me and my friends to work on our posture and moves. I think I will continue video taping my progress since these videos are helping me understand things I want to improve. At first I thought my posture was fine since I had practiced it a lot but as I ran through the video I realized I was sliding bottom heavy. I think my "pointing" is correct, but I need to work on my knees and hips. My hips are pushed a bit too far back but the depth seems fine. Also, after a couple of hours of repeting the same move over and over again I had gotten much better at it. I was already too tired to have a video recorded and a bit too excited with my progress. By the end of my practice I did walk all the way over to the other ski spot where I tried my luck at a much rougher and steeper slope. So far so good. I like my progress. Now looking forward to the professional lessons. It is going to be a game changer for me. I am really excited and the feeling of being this passionate about a new skill is very refreshing.
See you next time! Hopefully in one of the videos from my lessons!


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