My First Snowboarding Experience and some practice clips


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Tomorrow is monday, and that means the slope will be much vacant compared to weekends. I bombed my first attempt, but it has got me only more excited to learn this new skill. Granted I have never experienced something like this sorts, not even skateboarded, so everything about it is super new to me. From the very first second I descended the main slope I fell in love. It is very clear to me why my cousins in the west always disappear during the weekends with their skiing gear. I am a little biased towards snowboarding than skiing, althought I have heard that skiing is so much easier. So tomorrow, if all is well, I will be at the slopes again!
Only this time I have done some research and I have been practicing the "stance" ( the one with the beach ball between the legs and the invisible chair) a lot! The plan is to explore the slopes and find something mellow to get myself going. If all goes well and I see some progress within the first few hours then I'll continue learning myself. Also, I have to be super careful to not get any new injuries. My shoulder has not yet completely recovered but my fingers and thighs feel fine. If I dont see any progress, I am going to hire an instructor and learn snowboarding. In this video I realized I was doing so many things wrong. For one, I should have completely learned skating before trying to slide. Another thing was that i thought the only thing I had to was go forward on with the nose of the board. But in reality everyone starts by learning the heel toe technique. So I have a long way to go and many things to learn. Let us see how tomorrow goes. See you!


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