I'm Gnars OG !!!


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I knew there was a sick move going by Nouns. But I didn't know what was going on. Until one day I arrived at the snake skatepark and a snake makeover was being carried out by Nouns. After that, all my crypto friends started acquiring their Gnars at auction, and being part of Gnars DAO. Well, I was really looking forward to it, but I didn't have any money. When TheSmith presented me with a spaghetti, the game changed.

Eu sabia que estava rolando um movimento doente por Nouns. Mas eu não sabia o que estava acontecendo. Até que um dia eu cheguei no snake skatepark e uma reforma da snake estava sendo realizada pela Nouns. Depois disso, todos meus crypto amigos começaram a adquirir seus Gnars no leilão, e fazer parte da Gnars DAO. Bom eu estava querendo muito mas não tinha dinheiro. Quando TheSmith me presenteou com um espaguete, o jogo mudou.



Two founders here from our community are already participating in Gnars DAO.
They made great posts explaining how Gnars DAO works.
I indicate these two readings:

@knowhow92 - I'm A Board Member Of Gnars DAO

@xvlad - I got sponsored by a Gnars DAO !!!


Well, after that. I started actively participating in DAO.
And I even bought some more NFTS at the auction.
I'm a skateboarder, an independent musician.
Everything Gnars supports.
And Gami, founder of Gnars, supported me with a Gnars OG.
Thus becoming a legendary OG member.
I'm very happy about that.

Bom, depois disso. Eu comecei a participar ativamente da DAO.
E já até comprei mais alguns NFTS no leilão.
Sou Skatista, Músico independente.
Tudo o que Gnars apoia.
E Gami, fundador da Gnars, me apoiou com um Gnars OG.
Me tornando assim um membro lendário OG.
Estou muito feliz com isso.

Ma Collection


2099, 2036, 2012 were purchased at auction. The other two got it as a gift.

2099, 2036, 2012 foram comprados no leilão. Os outros dois ganhei de presente.

Click on the image and have fun in the auction


Ma First Gnars Song


Bitch asking me Gnars
She's looking for a DAO
knows i'm skateboarder
I have know-how

kickflip on your face
so easy and normal
I have an Og
And the cops say Wow

She does trending in tiktok
I buy on the floor
thesmith gave me spaguetti.
and I've hooked a lot

Baby I'm on Gnars
Extremely nounsish
1 eth at auction
always win in the bid

building bridges
endude communities
bro i'm honest
consequence being rich

I'm doing hit
With my clover
Look how beautiful it is
As clean as my gloves

All Gnars on me
Brazilian Og
my glasses are style
fuck lamborguini

If you have quetions
Enjoying the wave
like a noun gif

Baby Nouns
Footy Nouns
Animated Nouns

AltNouns, Blitnoun
Fast Food Nouns

FineArt Nouns, Flori Nouns
Fomos nouns

Found nouns, poke nouns
improper nouns

internouns, invisible nouns
lil nouns,

irregular nouns
Lost nouns, Low effort nouns

Metanoun, mixed nouns
she'll do anything
to be part of dao

head of wall
i'm rarity
rainbow in the wallet
makes me celebrity

baby i'm gnars
If you don't understand
I'm on the Ethereum network
baby i'm with the gang



nounify (1).png

Boelter Mc

Welcome to the BoelterMc Universe. I'm your favorite cryptotrapper. Currently looking for a steady job. I'm a Pirate of the Carabela Guild. I'm creating my crypto portfolio but the money is still short. I know how most protocols work. I'm a ghost writer, I'm the marketing guy, I'm a musician, I'm looking for financial freedom. Through Music, HODL and DeFi. I'm on Web3.0 to build, give me an opportunity to work on chain. That's all I want/need right now. I need to support my family and I want to build on this Bear Market. I'm totally focused, 24 hours on discord, call me for projects!

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wowww that's awesome bro!! I got the wavehead 🌊🌊🌊


wavehead is so beatiful broooooooooo!!! congrats!!! welcome to hive ma fren!!!