Two sessions in the morning

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[PT] Boa tarde skatehive. Cheguei ao level 16 em nosso discord haha. E chegamos aos 1000 inscritos na comunidade, estou tão orgulhoso. Esse meu vídeo é um compilado dos últimos dois dias. Coloquei a música É o Merge que fiz recentemente como a trilha sonora do vídeo. Também embedei minha playlist de crypto songs no post para vocês degustarem enquanto estão construindo na web 3.0. Spots: Engenhão e ruas perto da minha casa.

[EN ] Good afternoon skatehive. I reached level 16 in our discord haha. And we've reached the 1000 community subscribers, I'm so proud. This video of mine is a compiled from the last two days. I put the song Is the Merge I did recently as the soundtrack of the video. I also emanated my crypto songs playlist in the post for you to enjoy while you're building on web 3.0. Spots: Engenhão and streets near my house.

[ES] Buenas tardes skatehive. Llegué al nivel 16 en nuestra discordia jaja. Y hemos llegado a los 1000 suscriptores de la comunidad, estoy muy orgulloso. Este video mío es un compilado de los últimos dos días. Puse la canción Is the Merge que hice recientemente como banda sonora del video. También erigí mi lista de reproducción de canciones criptográficas en la publicación para que la disfrutes mientras construyes en la web 3.0. Lugares: Engenhão y calles cercanas a mi casa.




Boelter Mc

Welcome to the BoelterMc universe. I am a rapper, skateboarder, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Currently dedicated to starting my music career and working on projects on Web 3.0. I am curator and moderator in the communities Skate Hive, Music Hive and HiveBR. I am committed to bringing together musicians from all over the world in a music community with many events and benefits. I host the Radio Foundation on my computer. We are currently in Odysee and the Metaverse of Urnowhere. I'm available in discord to work on projects, call me!

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Congrats bro, that downhill street looks really fun to go powerslides 🤙.


thanks buddy, yeah bro that street is so easy to do powerslides. perfect wayy