DAILY QUEST / DAY 191 / CHAOS DAY 36 / 12.01.2022.

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Chaos Legion Day 36
Total days in Splinterlands 191
Season 1/2022
Date 12.01.2022.
Airdrop day 170/365

Dark Energy Crystal (DEC) rewards for wins are too low.
Energy capture rate is only 65% after 1 day of dont play (i play only games for quest day before)
So i think this ECR is guilty why people use multy accounts to play splinterlands
I dont say for big players who have 10 accounts full of cards, and join in tournaments with 10 accounts and take all from it
Not only on tournaments they take also rewards for low leagues in bronze silver gold diamond
Also i dont know why in a lot tournaments must to have limit per POWER (insane numbers) if already have limit for staked SPS we cant have both in that insane numbers

Quest rewards for today:

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