Can You Stand Him? : A SPORT FREEWRITE.


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Striking skills on the move
Best of the best
Legends at what he does
Laughing the rest
Ego to the roof
Always on the shoot
To his style newbies groove
Hiding under his shed
Learning from his footstool
Can anyone stand him too.
Happy hour with team mates
Enjoyable as heavens bliss
Jokes on him all day
Sharing his trick without pay
A coach dream on the way
Standard will surely be raised
To an outstanding man who played
Making football a good game
To those who envy
Hatred lives in there heart heavy
Beef on the field
Greed in the locker room
Will a player be this big
He plays on the pitch
None can stop this wind
The Dream is to big
Larger than himself
Greater than his skills
Better than his peers
Higher than those before.
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