The Game Never End : A SPORT FREEWRITE

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To retire is never
From bench to player
Master in penalty to coach
The race never end
Running the field
Shouting for control
Maybe a pass or bend
Dribbling across the line
Showing my skills
The game never end
We keep on reinvent.
Admire my trophies son
It came from sweat
Deep in the cold Serbia
Not in the dubai dessert
We played in them all
Leaving fans wanting more
To stay calm wasn't the deal
'Making opponent leave in defeat'
Our aim, vision and drills
Were all bent on this.
Wouldn't care neither
Fans were shouting for more
We got tired of them all
They pressed us that day
Formation gone
Tactics lost
We scrambled for retaliation
Their defense got strong
As we watch, tried till the end
We lost, it hurts.
An entry into @mariannewest everyday freewrite.