The New Signing : A SPORT FREEWRITE.


Our players were set
Left for the rest
Sitting on the bench
Relaxing as in a second leg
Never eager to mount the field
The opponent isn't hard to defeat
No cause to be fit
The match could go like this.
What looked like a dye pot
Ended up ass nothing
The clown on the field jumped
Wanting to waste our ball
Couldn't get the fun
The referee chased the buffon
A sign of luck was it
They rejoiced when they see him
Scoring two goals afterward
We geared up too late.
The new signing came in
Knew the clown gimmicks
Trying to equate the field
Went for fast kick
Low pass and accurate shot
They couldn't grasp his call
So we lost the ball.
An entry into everyday freewrite by @mariannewest