The Oil Money Players. : A Sports FREEWRITE


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From clubs to clubs
The rage was increasing
Buyers with gold
Funds from the desert
The oil River flows to Europe
It mops up the league
Cleared the way for the sheik
The clubs of rich people
The win was crazy
Invested big into players
Never disappointing mother fuckers.
Trophy that were solid
Wins special from the start
The never ending field machine
Scoring goals without end
Making mess of opponent
The dollars was speaking
Talking trophy grabbing skit
Win the league
Dominate the pitch
European and Italian licking
Its the oil money speaking
To the first defeat
It went crazy
Laughing at the mallam
The Palace wasn't smiling
Loosing the trophy
Sweat went missing
To the ones glorious team
Came crashing the Riyadh money team.
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