This Is The Game! : A Sports Freewrite.



If the ball didn't score, our qualification wouldn't have become a thing of reality. Basking in the glory of yesteryears, our team didn't mince chances, the oppression was hot on us all but we didn't succumb to the tricks of the field no more. Experienced enough to send shots across the pitch and land a heavy blow on the enemy.

The first half came so fast and ended quickly, with no goal to show for it. The blowing of the referee was expected and we all went into the locker room to strategies, listen to the technical team and know what was wrong, curtail every wasted chance and deliver an awesome Victor worthy of a once-upon-a-time champion.

And that's what we did, dealt a heavier blow on the opponent, showed no mercy on the pitch, send the defenders on a dribbling merciless journey, fans were shouting our names, and the stadium was agog, commentators shouting our praise. This is the game.!

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