Bozz Family Fantasy Football League: A Fresh Start


Well, it wasn't a great start to the fantasy football season. My sweet, innocent, wonderful, oldest niece that you see in the photo above took me to the wood shed and beat me pretty badly.

I was hoping I might have a better start to this season, but alas, it just wasn't to be. I guess I should have known when Kelce sat the bench as a last minute decision and Kamara was already suspended for the first game or two of the season.

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I actually got a message in our family group chat about "making a rookie move" by not putting in a replacement for Kelce. The problem is, with fewer spots on our bench this year, you have to be more careful about who you keep and who you drop. I figured I might get a handful of points total from Kelce if he was just coming off an injury. That felt like a better bet than dropping him and having him get healthy again.

I was willing to take the chance that he wouldn't play at all and get the zero points.

Actually, this was my exact response to my niece in the group chat:

"Kelce was a gametime decision and I'm not going to blow my roster week one for a one game tight end"

My niece had no reply to that. Her mom (who is also in the league) posted a mic drop GIF. It was pretty funny.

Anyway, all my reasoning ended up being pointless because Kelce didn't play and I got my butt kicked.


As you can see, it was a bit of a rough go for many people in the league this first week. I'm that 88 to 106 loss at the top of the board. That 64 to 68 game really sticks out as well. Talk about a horrible showing by both teams. The one that really sticks out to me is the that 100 to 136 game between my nephew and my sister in law.

I'm going to need to dig into his team a bit more and see what players he has. Was it a one weekend wonder, or is he going to be the team to beat this year?


As you can see, my quarter back didn't do me any favors this week. 7.56 points is absolutely horrible. Twenty points is the bare minimum that a quarter back should be getting to remain on your roster from week to week.

I'd like to see closer to 15 points from my wide receivers, but I am not going to complain too much about those guys that only got 10 points (yet). Moore I do have a bone to pick with. 2.5 points is just horrible. He's going to have to do better than that if he wants to keep a spot on my team.

The same holds for White at running back. You gotta do better than 5 points as a running back.


My bench wouldn't have really helped me that much either. Sure, Goff would have gotten me about six more points, but that still wouldn't have been enough to get me where I needed to be.

Bigsby might have had a decent showing if it hadn't been for that fumble. Certainly better than White.

Here is my main concern. Baltimore still won their game against Houston even though Jackson put up so few points as QB. That makes me wonder if the Ravens are going to be a run heavy team this year and I am going to be seeing a lot more weekends with low scores from him. Since the bulk of their points come from passing the ball, you don't want a QB that is handing it off to the running backs every play.

I guess time will tell.

Next week I face off against my brother in law. We will see how it goes.

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