Bozz Family Fantasy Football Week 17: Waiting on a Champion

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Well, it would appear you have to put up with me talking about fantasy football for at least one more week. This should have been the final post of the season, but due to the unfortunate circumstances of the game on Monday night, many team managers are left waiting to see what happens.

If you aren't in the know, in the Buffalo Bills vs. Cincinnati Bengals game on Monday night one of the Bills players suffered a cardiac event and had to be taken from the field in an ambulance. Last I knew he was still in critical condition. The NFL suspended the game and that left many team managers in the lurch.

Setting aside the fact that this is an absolute tragedy, let's look at the aftermath analytically.

In my league my niece was in the title game against my sister in law. My sister in law had a 4 or 5 point lead going into the game on Monday night. All of her players had already played, so there was no chance of her scoring any more points. Meanwhile, my niece still had Joe Burrow on her roster to play.

If you don't know, Burrow has been on fire this season and the idea that he would score less than 5 points is just ludicrous. Yet, with the suspension of the game, my niece fell a couple points shy of the win.

I got an email from Yahoo sports the other day indicating that they are still waiting to see what the NFL does about the game and they will move forward accordingly from there. Until then, we simply play the waiting game.

I have to admit, if they don't end up playing the rest of the game, it is going to be a pretty crappy way to lose for my niece. She did a great job setting up her team and was pretty dominant most of the season. To lose on a technicality would be horrible. I don't think I could refer to my sister in law being the champ in any other way than "with an asterisk".

@mrsbozz didn't even bother adjusting her lineup this week and she decisively lost the 3rd place game against her youngest brother. With the Chicago QB as her starter I told her it was probably a good thing she didn't make it to the title game. She would have been in a world of hurt based on how he played against the Lions.

Somehow he did come away with 17.20 points. I would have expected it to be a lot less than that. If anything, this should put my wife in a better draft position for next season.

The same holds true for me. In the 7th place game, I currently have the lead. However, my brother in law has one player in the Bengals/Bills game that needs to play. If he puts up 12 points or more, I will end the season in the 8th place position.

Past performance for that player shows that 12 points might not be that big of a stretch for him. I'm pretty indifferent at this point. I'm more curious to see how the championship game plays out.

I'll give a full break down next week if/when the final game is resumed. I think it should be noted that Brady actually put up 37.68 points for me this past week. It just about figures, the one weekend that it doesn't really matter he has an amazing game. Even more reason that I can't stand him.

I actually just noticed, I still have a Buffalo player to play yet too, so the outcome of this contest is totally up in the air right now.

Stay tuned to find out how it all shakes out!

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