Bozz family fantasy football week 4: Winning!

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It was a fortunate weekend for both my wife and I as far as fantasy football goes. She was pretty sure that she was going to lose this week, but due to a couple of missteps by her sister, she was able to come away victorious.

My win was a little more one sided as you will see here. A lot of that can be attributed to the fact that Tua was pulled from the game on Thursday. Let's be honest, he never should have been playing anyway. He should have been in concussion protocol after the events on Monday night. It's ridiculous that the league continues to not take this kind of stuff seriously.

Don't know what I am talking about? Just head to Youtube and search for Thursday Night Football Tagovailoa injury. The way his fingers were bending after he hit the ground almost looked like some kind of demonic possession. It was gross. I hope Tua ends up being okay.


This might be the most convincing win I have had so far this season. I hope it is a sign of good things to come in the future.

For the most part my players showed up and did what I expect them to do each week. There were a few slackers, and I will get to that in a second.

I had a last minute swap I had to do when my kicker from Detroit was suddenly put on the "out" list for Sunday. Luckily there were still some decent kickers available. It's not like you can really expect a ton from them anyway. Honestly, given the high score of the Lions game, I probably should have picked up his replacement!


Brady had a pretty great game despite the loss to Kansas City. This is more what I expect him to do each week. 20 points is what I strive for with my quarter back. To see him finally have a game five points over that is a really great feeling. The problem is, I know it likely won't last. Hopefully TB plays the Lions sometime this season given how much our defense sucks!

Higgins was one of my rockstars this weekend putting up 18 points. The only questionable spot on my roster was London, but a couple weeks ago he had an amazing game, so I am really on the fence about whether I should sit him. I am likely going to need to do some research this week.

Henry had a monster game too and that is nice to see. I think Jones could have had a better game for Green Bay, but that was just a rough game for them. The Pats really took it to them and their defense was playing pretty well considering how they have done in past weeks.

Denver didn't have a great game on Defense. I actually might consider picking up the Detroit defense. You know they have to turn things around eventually right? I bet no one has them right now. When you are at the bottom, the only way you can go is up!


As you can see, there are a couple of things either of us could have done with our bench, but it likely wouldn't have changed the outcome of the game. I am not sure why my brother in law has four quarterbacks on his team, but he is probably going to be using one of them now that Tua is going to be out for a bit.

Mariota had a horrible game and I am really glad I didn't take the gamble on him this week. As much as I hate Brady, it looks like I am going to have to stick with him for the time being.

Also, as bad as the Denver defense did, it would have been an even bigger mistake playing the Miami defense.


Finally, here is the rundown from @mrsbozz's matchup. You can see that she got really lucky with her sister leaving Hockenson on the bench. That would have been a huge boost for her score this past weekend. Honestly, if you look at the numbers her bench scored, this game was destined to go the other way. It was honestly pure luck that my wife was able to come away with the win.

We aren't complaining though!

I currently sit in 4th place in the league of 12. My wife is squarely in the middle sitting at 7th place. There are only two people in the league who are still undefeated. One is my brother in law and the other is my oldest niece. I honestly thought she would be too busy as a college freshman to do this well, yet here she is.

Her dad thinks that she is getting help from some of the football players in her dorm. I prefer to give her the benefit of the doubt. She is very smart and athletic. There is no reason to believe she isn't managing her team all on her own.

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All pictures/screenshots taken by myself or @mrsbozz unless otherwise sourced