Holiday Week College Hoops Wrap-Up


As I mentioned in my last post, it hasn't been a bumper week for college basketball this week. First, it is the holiday season and TV's have been monopolized by NBA basketball, NFL football, and the NCAA bowl games. In fact, I have been watching a ton of college football over the past couple of days.

Despite all of that, there have been some college basketball games on too, and that is what I am going to talk about right now.

There were zero games among the top 25 teams on Monday, but on Tueday we were given four games with an additional two being postponed.

There were no upsets on Tuesday, but it should be noted that Gonzaga has dropped down to the #4 spot. I think it is also important to point out that Baylor who is #1 hammered their opponent 104 to 68. Sure it was a basically nobody team that I don't think I have heard of, but a 38 point margin is still a 38 point margin.

On Wednesday we had eight played games with another two being postponed. Somehow Duke squeaked up to the #2 spot, but they were one of the postponed games.

Fun fact... Purdue also put up 104 points against their opponent. It was another nobody team, but I just thought I should throw that out there. They are the #3 team in the nation after all.

There were two upsets on Wedneday with #19 Alabama beating #14 Tennessee. Additionally, #21 Providence beat #15 Seton Hall.

#19 Wisconsin did beat unranked Illinois State, but it took overtime to do that, so who knows how long Wisconsin will stay in the top 25.

Most importantly for me, #10 Michigan State took down High Point. This should have been a given, but to be honest, High Point did a fairly good job of keeping the game close.

In fact, they were even up at a couple of points. It wasn't until the end of the game that Mihigan State really opened things up and started putting the hammer down.

I am not too concerned about that especially given the fact that MSU was without two or three of their key players. It was nice to see the rest of the team step up and get the job done. It is awesome to see Hauser finally getting back into the groove. He finished the game with a double double.

Every game on Thursday was postponed, and today there was a single game between High Point again and #18 Kentucky. The Wildcats pretty much destroyed them with a final score of 92 to 48.

I honestly don't know as though I have ever heard of High Point before and suddenly here they are in two games in one week that I am covering.

My neices team was in action last night and ended up beating a team called Imhotep (which I think is kind of cool) by 20+ points. My neice got to start, so it was fun seeing her doing so well.

Tomorrow there are 5 top 25 games. Actually, there were supposed to be nine, but four of them have already been postponed.

Likewise Sunday already has a postponed game too.

Hopefully Michigan State still gets to take on Northwestern on Sunday. Gonzaga must have been hit really hard because I count about three or four games now that they have had to postpone this past week.

Check back on Monday to see how things worked out this coming weekend. Did they play? Did they get cancelled? You will just have to wait and see.

I have a bad feeling omicron could lead to some really bad things for college basketball.


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