My unsolicited thoughts on Sports Talk Social


It seems like there has been a resurgent interest in the future of the Sports Talk Social community. I have seen a couple of mentions about things that might be going on in @steevc's posts lately, and there have been a couple of (unofficial?) proposals that have been attempted to be pushed through.

As a long time contributor to this community, it is safe to say I have a vested interest in it being successful. If you pay attention, you probably noticed in the latest proposal that I voted no. Since this is blockchain my vote is inherently public, but it was also publicly announced in a subsequent post.

I haven't looked at the rich list lately, so I don't know where I actually sit, but like I said, I have been contributing for a while, so I have a pretty significant interest in the success of this community. I'd like to think that one day I might be able to get some small return on that investment.

That being said, the main reason I voted no on the latest proposal was due to the apparent lack of involvement by the founder of Sports Talk Social @patrickulrich. I get some people don't feel like he has been hands on enough, or they have other reasons for wanting change, but at the end of the day, this is still his community.

From the conversations I have had with him, Patrick is not Justin Sun. I don't feel a coup is the right move here. That's just my opinion though. The cool thing about Hive is anyone can make a community. I think the smarter move is to just start fresh versus trying to subvert the existing community.

That's not to say the existing community doesn't have issues. It absolutely does, I don't deny that one bit. I'm just saying there is a right away to go about this and a wrong way. By and large I feel like much of the recent proposal is the wrong way.

Again, that's just me.

I totally understand that many people are probably frustrated with the way this community has gone. Frustrated because not only did they commit their time to the platform, but also their money. We all know people can get a little testy when it comes to money.

Like I said though, I think there's a better way to handle this, and when I see it, you can bet I will vote in favor of it.

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