NCAA Basketball Recap: Christmas Special


As I said last week, this is going to be a relatively short post today. There was only one game played this past weekend and that was on Friday night. There were supposed to be two, but the one game got cancelled due to the weather.

I am going to apologize in advance, but that is just the way it goes sometimes. Especially when the the NFL is on a collision course with the playoffs and college football bowl season has just started to get into full swing.

On top of that, there were five NBA games on this past weekend, so there was a lot of competition for everyone's attention between that and the holidays.

It looks like Michigan State still has one non conference game later this week before we dive fully into conference play. I for one will be excited to get the road to the final four underneath us.

That is the time you see teams start buckling down and building their resume for March. Things tighten up and hopefully if you do it right the errors start to fade.

That one game that was played didn't end in an upset. #18 Indiana beat Kennesaw State 69 to 55. If you blinked you likely missed it. Especially if you live in the US where all of the hype this weekend was around Christmas and not much else.

Hopefully you spent some good time with friends and/or family. I was pretty busy jumping back and forth between this house and that house navigating the icy and snow covered roads. I did get to enjoy some football though and I will be covering that later this week.

Rest assured that the posts later this week will be longer than today.

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