NCAA Basketball Top25 Recap: Things are getting hot!


If you were able to tear yourself away from the news that Tom Brady is retiring yet again, there were some college hoops games played this past week. We are getting to the home stretch now. It seems like just yesterday it was November and we were just starting the season.

Now we are just about a month and week away from the big dance and before you know it the conference tournaments will be wrapping up and it will be selection Sunday. That makes me kind of sad. This one one of my favorite times of year sports-wise and I really don't want it to be over.

My niece only played one game this past week. The good news is we were able to watch it. The bad news is, the team kind of fell apart at the end and they ended up losing the game. It was a tough loss because they were pretty dominant at the beginning. It just goes to show you have to play all four quarters.

Word on the street is there were some selfish moves by other members of the team in the fourth quarter that likely cost them the game. Who knows, that's for the coach to sort out I guess. The good news is, before long she will be finished with basketball for the season and she can move on to softball which quite honestly is where her heart is right now I think.

Playing and practicing with both the junior varsity and varsity teams has worn her out a bit I think.

Monday night there were three games played in the top 25. There was single upset with Texas Tech taking down #13 Iowa State 80 to 77 in overtime. I should also note that #10 Texas had a close call against #11 Baylor just beating them 76 to 71.

Actually, looking at the scores, it seems there was some really good basketball Monday night!

Tuesday graced us with eight games in the top 25 and quite a few of them were upsets. Boston College rose to the occasion and handed #20 Clemson a loss 62 to 54. Meanwhile, #8 Kansas beat #7 Kansas State 90 to 78.

#4 Alabama seems to have recovered from their big loss last weekend and they beat Vanderbilt with a whopping 101 to 44 score. Maryland gave #21 Indiana a run and took them down 66 to 55 and finally, Nevada upset #22 San Diego State 75 to 66.

I'd also like to mention that #15 TCU has been pretty hot lately and even though West Virginia isn't ranked, it looks like it was a really good game with a final score of 76 to 72.

Wednesday night we had five top 25 games and only one of them was an upset.

Purdue holds the #1 spot after a 80 to 60 victory over Penn State, and #16 Xavier just squeaked past #17 Providence in overtime 85 to 83.

Sadly, #2 Tennessee fell to the Florida Gators 67 to 54 in Florida. I don't think this should move them down the rankings too much. I mean if Alabama can still be #4 after their big loss last weekend, then Tennessee should be given a little grace as well.

I tell you what though, once again the Big East is looking really good this year. I wouldn't be shocked to see one of those teams go deep in the tournament. Do your own research though!

Finally, Thursday night gave us six top 25 games. UAB beat #19 Florida Atlantic 86 to 77 for the only upset of the night. #3 Houston continues to look good beating Wichita State 70 to 61. #5 Arizona also took down Oregon 91 to 76.

It's a bit crazy to see Gonzaga all the way down in the #12 spot, but I guess I also expected Michigan State would be in the top 25 by now too.

Only one game on the slate for tonight and then tomorrow should be full of them again. With nothing but the Pro Bowl to monopolize your time this weekend, you should get the chance to watch a ton of basketball!

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All pictures/screenshots taken by myself or @mrsbozz unless otherwise sourced


Big East is doing well this year. I hope Neptune manages to get Villanova in shape in the next few years. It's been weird seeing them underperforming by miles.


I feel like the started kind of strong but then fell off. I could be wrong though. Maybe I am just thinking about the Spartans :P


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