NCAA Top 25 Basketball Recap: Tournament Time


Slim chance many of you have noticed, but I have been a bit MIA the past couple of days. If you follow my main blog you likely know why. If you don't, my mom had knee replacement surgery so I have been helping out my dad and her with all of that.

I was going to see if the Ecency mobile app gives you the ability to quickly switch between Hive accounts, but I never got around to check it out. My views on this account are far fewer than my main account, so I had to make some sacrifices.

I'm back though, ready to lead you into the final weekend of college basketball before we start the conference tournaments next week. The women's teams have already started their conference tournaments.

In case you were wondering, my niece had her final basketball game of the season on Wednesday or Tuesday night. This week has been a blur and I honestly don't remember. Unfortunately, they lost in the regional semi-final game. The other team came out strong, but my nieces team started to chip away at their lead.

I honestly think this could have been a winnable game by her team, but they fell back into their old sloppy habits. If they had played a little tighter, I am pretty confident they could have advanced. Given the close score, my niece didn't get any play time during the game. That was disappointing, but now she gets to move into softball mode and I can't wait to watch her play this spring/summer.

There was one top 25 game on Monday night this past week. It was #7 Baylor and Oklahoma State. The Bears came out on top 74 to 68.

Tuesday there were seven top 25 games on the schedule. Iowa is making a late season run in the Big 10. The just beat Michigan State about a week ago and now they upset #15 Indiana at Indiana 90 to 68. Talk about a blowout! Meanwhile, Boise State upset #18 San Diego State 66 to 60.

#3 Kansas had a close game against Texas Tech just edging them out 67 to 63. Finally, that almost miracle win against Alabama for Arkansas must have been a fluke because they fell to #12 Tennessee 75 to 57 on Tuesday.

Wednesday there were nine top 25 games played. #19 Xavier had a barn burner against #20 Providence, but they ultimately came out on top 94 to 89.

Speaking of #2 Alabama, they had a close overtime win against Auburn 90 to 85. Meanwhile, Vanderbilt stunned #23 Kentucky at home beating the Wildcats 68 to 66 for the upset. Notre Dame was hunting for an upset as well taking down #25 Pittsburgh 88 to 81.

Ohio State also came away with an upset win over #21 Maryland 73 to 62. It looks like there should be some big movement in the upper end of the top 25 this week.

Probably the biggest upset of Wednesday was #22 TCU taking down #9 Texas 75 to 73.

Last night we had four top 25 games. #1 Houston maintain their #1 ranking with a win over Wichita State. #5 Purdue had a close call versus Wisconsin. They stole the victory from the Madison crowd 63 to 61. The Boilermakers aren't looking as bullet proof as they did earlier in the season.

I need to spend some time this morning doing some research on these teams that I don't follow as closely through the year. I can sometimes have a singular focus on the Big 10 and I miss out on some of these other teams that actually have a better chance.

You better believe I will be sharing my bracket in a couple of weeks when I have everything set.

Keep an eye out for it!

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All pictures/screenshots taken by myself or @mrsbozz unless otherwise sourced


My teams both suck this season, so I kinda tuned out.

But Houston...dang, that team is gonna slay when they enter the Big 12.


You think so with Houston? I feel like they aren't going to be able to hang. Big 12 is looking tough this year.


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