NCAA Top 25 Men's Basketball Recap: Rough Week!


It's been a rough week for a couple of teams in the NCAA. One of those is definitely my Michigan State Spartans. Another one would certainly have to be Kansas, we will get to that in a second though.

I haven't been able to watch my niece play too much basketball. They have been either playing away at a school that doesn't have streaming set up, or they just haven't had games.

It's pretty crazy to me, I remember when I was in school the basketball games were on a fixed schedule. Monday and Thursday night were women's basketball games. They had the JV game right before the Varsity game and it was like clockwork every week.

Now it seems things are much different. My niece will have a game on Friday, then maybe one on Saturday, play the next Tuesday, but then not play again until the following Tuesday. Then play on Friday and not play again until the next Friday. Sound confusing? Trust me, it is!

They had a snow day the other day from that huge storm that barrelled through the Ohio valley. I am shocked that didn't push everything back even further. She does have a couple of games tonight and I think I should be able to stream them, so I am excited about that.

We had two top 25 games on Monday this past week. They were both upsets and while one was a shocker, the other one was a barn burner.

#17 Baylor shocked #9 Kansas with a win at Baylor 75 to 69. That's the second time in a week that Kansas has been upset and given that fact, they should fall even further from the #2 spot they were sitting in just a week ago.

A little further down the rankings, #25 New Mexico fell to Nevada in double overtime 94 to 97. I bet that was an exciting game. Given the relative obscurity (and location) of the two teams, I doubt it was televised anywhere near Michigan where I live. It probably would have been cool to watch though.

Tuesday there were five games in the top 25 and only one of them were upsets. #5 Kansas State fell to #12 Iowa State 80 to 76. Every other game was pretty mundane with most of them being won by double digits.

Wednesday, there were six top 25 games on the schedule. Despite their first(?) loss last week, Houston only dropped from the #1 position to the #3 position. The easily beat UCF 82 to 71 on Wednesday. It's nice to see Tennessee sitting in the #4 position. They are kind of my defacto team. When my Michigan State Spartans are flagging, I have Tennessee as a backup to cheer for. They crushed Georgia 70 to 41.

Meanwhile, I know I said this last week, but it is crazy to see Alabama sitting in the #2 spot in the top 25. It's like the world has been flipped upside down. Next thing you know, Duke will be winning a national championship in football!

There was a single upset on Wednesday and that was Texas A&M beating #15 Auburn 79 to 63.

Finally, on Thursday night, we had four top 25 games. Only one of those was an upset as well. USC beat #8 UCLA in what I can only assume was a rivalry game. Given how close the schools are to each other. I figure it would be like Michigan and Michigan state playing each other.

Speaking of Michigan, they fell to Purdue 70 to 75. Purdue finds themselves back in the #1 spot.

I should also point out, my Michigan State Spartans were in action last night against Iowa. I watched a portion of the game, but I ended up going to bed early.

It wasn't until I woke up this morning that I found the Spartans had won 63 to 61. I want to be happy about this home victory, but I really can't be. It shouldn't have been this close. After the loss to Indiana this past weekend, the Spartans should have come out guns blazing. Especially at home.

They are barely beating teams they should be easily handling. This is unacceptable in my opinion. The good thing is, it doesn't look like they had a ton of turnovers, so it might have been one of those nights where things just weren't falling for them.

I don't know, but if they want to be in the tournament, they need to do better. As heartbreaking as it would be, I'd rather they didn't make it to the tournament versus making it there and getting knocked out in the first round like they have in past years. It's just embarrassing. Especially when you are supposed to have one of the best coaches in the league.

They need to get things sorted out and soon because March is fast approaching!

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