Fantasy Football Family League Week 8 Recap: It's not pretty...


At this point in the season I have pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I @#%[email protected]#$! suck at fantasy football. I honestly can't remember ever being this bad, but the past three to four years have been absolutely horrible for me.

What started off as a pretty decent season for me has devolved into a dumpster fire that I don't think there is any chance of putting out. The good news is I am still doing only slightly better than my wife, but with a two week winning streak behind her, I think it is only a matter of time before she laps me.

With the ability of Mahomes in question now, it might have been a really bad mistake on my part to trade away Stafford to my wife.

I was talking to my brother in law this weekend and he mentioned he thought about blocking that trade, but then realized we were both in the bottom two, so he figure what is the harm in letting us swap players.

My hope is that he comes to regret that decision! At least for my wife's sake!


As you can see, there were a lot of holes in my lineup this week. Mahomes was a huge question mark and although the Chiefs got the win, his numbers were anything but stellar. My entire wide receiver corp was a huge disappointment with none of them scoring more than five points.

You simply can't win a game with numbers like that. I'd like to think that they all just had an off game, but the chances of that happening in the same week are pretty slim. The reality is that I am potentially screwed.

Edmonds at running back put up some decent numbers and I can't really complain about that. Herbert on the other hand was a huge let down. He actually had -4 receiving yards. That never helps!

Cook was a last minute sub at tight end because Andrews was on bye week. It turns out I should have went with someone else.

Even my wide receiver in the flex position had a horrible week. It honestly makes me a bit sick to my stomach to look at these numbers...

Finally, my defense and kicker are to be applauded. They basically carried my entire team this week. How tragically sad is that?


As you can see from my bench, I really didn't have any choice this week, so the outcome shouldn't be that surprising.

Sure, Johnson would have been my top wide receiver of the week had I played him, but his numbers through the majority of the season didn't support the start. Not compared to the other players. I have started to change my strategy in regards to picking up new players. In the past I used to look for players that had big weeks. Now I just look for players that have average weeks, but they do it consistently.

Those are the kind of players and points I win.

This week that strategy didn't pan out for me though.

Cousins (who I picked up from my wife in exchange for Stafford) did even worse than Mahomes. I almost played Cleveland as my defense, but swapped them at the last minute. Thank goodness! Other than that, everyone was either off, out, or worthless.

I might see if I can pick up that new quarterback from the Cowboys that just replaced Prescott. He might be a good snag in place of Cousins or even Mahomes these days. I know one of my readers warned me about Mahomes, but at this point it is still too much of a gamble to drop him.

It does appear as though his best years may already be behind him though. Who knows... I am sure whatever I do, it will be the wrong thing.

I am starting to feel like that depressed robot from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy now...

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