Racing Sunday - Watching Grand Prix Formula 1 in Saoudi Arabia


Source: All screen images are made from the broadcast by VIAPLAY. We Have a Dutch subscription. VIAPLAY is the only provider in Holland that airs the GRAND PRIX F1. So source for this blog is this fantastic new player and broadcaster in the Netherlands.

Presentor is Amber Branden.

What a Sunday !
A true #needforspeed Sunday.
The Saoudi Arabia track was the one we expected to be a great one for the second race of the season.

The race started, 19.00h new spring time. We were ready and watched in the livingroom with the oldest and youngest son.


The start with the MSC aisle and the ship I the canal next to the circuit. We are fans of the new sponsor and will sail with them
In a few weeks.


This is the SA track.


Here you see the ship. All lightened and cool that the people on board watch on screens but can hear the sound of motors and almost smell the burning rubber
A friend of mine is a board member and she already told us that MSC is a new GP1 sponsor.

Again here all the screen shots are from VIAPLAY in our livingroom and on iPad.

Source: under personal subscription.



Our subscription for VIAPLAY comes with the option to have four screens. Very cool feature. You can view RANKS, PITLANE, ONBOARD WITH THE DRIVER and TRACK.

We drive with max, in the cockpit you see what he sees. Very cool and we ofcourse had the track. Two screens for us one on TV one on IPAD.


The winner, was Max Verstappen , but that safety car was kind of a lucky strike and Leclerc came in second. But what a race !
Ferrari was great and the cat and mouse race this time was for Red Bull. But it’s gonna be a great season ! Sainz was thirdtbis time.

Source of all the images

Do you want a subscription aswell here is ours:


Next race : Australian 10 April

For fans that want the complete agenda :


We ate in front of the tv Ofcourse with the dogs at our feet.

See you on the next blog.

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Date : 28 March 2022


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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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That was an epic race! It is going to be an exciting season.