World police , customs and firefighters games in Rotterdam


photo taken by me at the cube apartments on Blaak

World Police and Firefighters Games started today in my city. It is a kind of Olympic tournament with 63 types of sport. The fact that there are games for these civil servants blew me away but I love it. The fact that those men and women are serving us and putting their life on the line every day is huge.
All over the city centre the games are promoted. The opening will be in the stadium of football club Feijenoord.
Its a huge happening and there will be a concert by Matt Simons.

photo taken by me at the cube apartments on Blaak

Here is the site you can read all about it

The event starts today and will end on the 31st of july, 10 days of sports.

photo taken by me at the HEMA at the Coolsingel ~ Koopgoot

I choose to cycle through the city and photograph all the places where the event is promoted. Thats so cool because I never knew about this before I saw the banners everywhere.
Apparently this is done every year.
First edition was in Belfast than Faifax , Los Angeles and Chengdue, and now in Rotterdam.


photo taken by me at the cube apartments on Blaak


photo taken by me at the cube apartments on Blaak


photo taken by me in the koopgoot beneath the Beyenkorf and city hall subway

There will be 62 sports being preformed, not all can be excecuted in our city. Its the largest mix event in sports, thats also way cool. Here is an oversight taken from the website of all the sports that will be done during these 10 days.

So good luck to all our Police men and women, Firebrigade men and women, all the people from border security and customs service and all the correction officers. Have a great 10 days.
I had fun spotting the banners and affiches of the coming event.
The weather is great, go for gold and honour.


These are taken from the officials site :


These are taken from the officials site :


These are taken from the officials site :

Go ands look at the promo, its very good.

I love the slogan :

In sports we unite !
So true , I am looking forward to the games. We will see what and which game we can attend.

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Date : 22 july 2022