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How are you? Hopefully, you all are fine and I am also well. Today I am here to share some of the recent battles I did, and I am going to share the strategies and lineup with you.


@Splinterlands hosts a challenge named "Social Media Challenge" every week. You just need to write a good post and share your post link in their comment section and you need to share your post on other social media platforms. The main intention of splinterlands is to spread splinterlands all over the world.

Here is the video of my gameplay. Enjoy :)

Let me introduce you to the lineup and the strategies I followed.

First Battle

Lineup Strategy


  • In this battle, the mana cap was 24 and the battle rule was Standard. I decided to choose Drake of Arnaak as my summoner because it is a Dragon summoner and it provides one armor to all the friendly monsters. The summoner costs 4 mana.

  • In the first place, I choose to place Living Lava because of its Shield ability with high damaging power with high health. It costs 7 mana. It had 3 melee damage, 1 speed, 2 armors and 6 health. The summoner added one extra armor.

  • In the second place, I choose to place Sand Worm because of its high melee damage with Sneak ability. I like this ability because this ability allows the monsters to attack from the back of the opponent's team. It costs 9 mana. It had 5 melee damage, 1 speed and 5 health. The summoner added one extra armor.

  • In the third place, I choose to place Serpentine Spy because of its Opportunity ability. Also it has high melee damage and speed. But it has a very low health which is risky. But I love this monster because of its Opportunity ability. It had 2 melee damage, 3 speed and only one health. It costs 3 mana. The summoner added one extra armor.

  • In the fourth place, I choose to place Flame Monkey just because I need to one mana to fill up and this monster costs only one mana.

Battle Details

  • The opponent submitted a strong team. He placed Goblin Mech at the first place, Kobold Miner at the second place and Ettin Spearman at the last place.

  • After ending the first round, the opponent lost his Kobold Miner. My Serpentine Spy hit the first attack to the opponent's Kobold Miner and eliminated. Opponent's Ettin Spearman's health reduced to three. My Living Lava took damage. It lost all of its armors and its health reduced to four.

  • After ending the second round, I lost my Living Lava. The opponent's Ettin Spearman's health reduced to one only and Goblin Mech lost all of its armors.

  • After ending the third round, the opponent's Ettin Spearman got eliminated and his Goblin Mech's health reduced to only one. My Sand Worm's health reduced to one also.

  • After ending the fourth round, my Sand Worm got eliminated first. Then my Serpentine Spy came to the first place and hit the Goblin Mech and eliminated. Thus I won this battle.



I got :-

  • +29 ratings.
  • 0.984 DEC

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