Champions League, Liverpool or Real Madrid?



Now that Major European leagues have come to an end, all attention shifts to the greatest league in the Europe continent which is the UEFA Champions League. Major European leagues ended last week and today's is a special day to football lovers because it's the UEFA Champions League final. Before we dive in proper to the Champions League final, let's see how the major league ended and the championsnof the various league.

The Italian league is among major European league and it has some prestigious clubs and players. Even Cristiano Ronaldo went to play in the league before returning back to England. Before last season, Juventus has always been the Champion every season making it look like it's their birthright. Inter. Milan broke the jinx last season by winning the Italian league. This season their Neighbor AC Milan became the league Champion after many years of not touching the trophy. Now the league is gradually becoming competitive and no long ler Juventus behaving like the league is their birthright.

The German league has always been between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund with Bayern dominating the league most times. Despite struggling at some stage in the season, Bayern Munich ended up crowned as the Champion of the league. I expect other clubs in the league to step up their game especially Dortmund so the league will not look like it belongs to Bayern. It's boring and shows lack of competition when one team keeps winning the league. Congrats to Bayern Munich for lifting the League trophy.

With Paris St Germain as a dominating team, the French league is full of average teams giving PSG more edge to lift the trophy most times. PSG spends huge money every transfer window to sign good players. To some fans, the club major target is the UEFA Champions League trophy and not the league trophy because the league trophy is like their birthright. Congrats to them for been the Champion of the league this concluded season.

Spanish league has always been competitive with Real Madrid and Barcelona dominating the league. The league lost many fans and follower following the departure of both Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Real Madrid won the trophy this season despite struggling at some stage in the season.

This league is often refers to as the most competitive league in Europe and favorite of most football fans. It's my favorite league and I love the competitive nature of the league. It has some prestigious clubs like Liverpool, Man United, Chelsea, Manchester City and the rest. The league has always been keenly contested and it's hard to predict the Champion from the beginning of the season. This season was hotly contested between Manchester City and Liverpool. The winner of the league was determined on the last day of the league. Congratulations to Manchester City for lifting the trophy.

Back to the business of the day, the Almighty UEFA Champions League. The contest for the trophy is between Real Madrid of Spain and Liverpool of England. Real Madrid ended their season lifting the LALIGA trophy and they are in high spirit to lift this Champions League. When it comes to Champions League, Real Madrid perform Exceptionally well even when they are struggling in their league. Some people call them Champions League expert and they have the quality and charisma to lift this season trophy judging from what happened in the knockout stage of the tournament. The way they miraculously eliminated Manchester City in the semi final was another wonder to football fans.

Liverpool is also desperate to lift the trophy despite coming second in their league. Klop drastically changed the club when he took over as the club manager since then, have recorded many success. Liverpool is now a top European team feared by other teams with the likes of Salah, Mane, Firmino, Jota and co, Liverpool has the quality to lift the team and they are in high spirit to lift it. The question now is who will be crown the Champion of UEFA Champions League tonight.
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