Day 1259 | October Health & Workout Plans

I started a challenge of taking 100 days off to mainly focus on my health and overall personal development and used this account as a personal blog to keep track of all my activity. I enjoyed it and continued afterward trying to build better habits and find a good balance between health, fitness, work, and my personal life...

I had a period or around 2 weeks in September where I did everything accoring tp plan feeling great and dropping some weight but I (one again) was unable to keep up the momentum skipping a hot yoga class which started snowballing the week(s) after again reverting to less healthy food options which quickly got my weight back around 70kg.

The Goal for October is to get this momentum back from day 1 and keeping it all the way through. It will be the same things that I'm going to strive for which are eating plant based, drinkinb 3L of water daily at least, doing daily res and increase them over the course of the month, go on sunday runs, join 3 Hot Yoga classes weekly, start playing tennis again, do a rowing trainer session on Wendesday. Keep a tight sleeping pattern.

I know that when it get into a routine I should easily be able to do all of this and I'm starting now on Friday. I will keep track of the entire month as always.

DayBed TimeAwakeOut BedDay Score
01 Aug00:3009:2010:006
02 Aug00:0008:2009:107
03 Aug01:3008:1009:157
04 Aug00:3008:2009:206
05 Aug01:0008:0009:156
06 Aug00:0008:0009:007
07 Aug00:0008:2009:207
08 Sep00:0007:4008:406
09 Sep01:3008:0009:107
10 Sep00:0008:2008:507
11 Sep23:3007:2008:157
12 Sep00:0008:0009:007
13 Sep00:0007:2008:307
14 Sep00:0008:0009:008
15 Sep23:2007:5008:307
16 Sep23:4007:5008:407
17 Sep00:0007:2008:207
18 Sep00:4508:0008:307
19 Sep00:0007:3008:307
20 Sep00:0008:0008:507
21 Sep00:0008:2509:408
22 Sep01:0008:2009:206
23 Sep00:3007:5008:406
24 Sep00:3008:0009:107
25 Sep00:0008:2009:106
26 Sep01:3008:3009:056
27 Sep00:0008:0009:007
28 Sep00:3008:4009:306
29 Sep00:0008:0008:407
30 Sep02:0008:4009:006

Daily Reps Challenge

The goal is do reps consistenty on a daily basis forcing myself to do at least 1 which most times will lead to a lot more and the goal is to go without actually being in major discomfort the day after slowly increaing the load over time.

1x12 Bench Press