Day 1297 | Back To Hot Yoga

I started a challenge of taking 100 days off to mainly focus on my health and overall personal development and used this account as a personal blog to keep track of all my activity. I enjoyed it and continued afterward trying to build better habits and find a good balance between health, fitness, work, and my personal life...

With the international break now, I'm having more time again and I joined a hot yoga session on Monday evening. I ate too much the day before and too little yesterday wich made it into quite a difficult one but I survived and I'm looking forward for more of these the weeks to come

I also watched the first 2 episodes of the best shape of my life from will smith who needed to drop some weight in my bed in the evening and I enjoyed staying in bed estra long despite having woken up quite early. Tuesday will likely not be the most busy day and I might take a walk or joing an evening yoga class again.

DayBed TimeAwakeOut BedWeightDay Score
01 Nov00:0009:0009:4569.9 kg7
02 Nov00:3009:0009:4670.3 kg6
03 Nov01:0008:1009:0570.0 kg7
04 Nov01:0008:2009:2070.3 kg6
05 Nov00:3009:0009:5070.2 kg6
06 Nov01:0007:2008:2070.0 kg6
07 Nov02:0009:0009:4570.6 kg6
08 Nov00:0007:5010:1070.3 kg7