Day 1495 | Lunchbreak Yoga & Junkfood Overeating

I started a challenge of taking 100 days off to mainly focus on my health and overall personal development and used this account as a personal blog to keep track of all my activity. I enjoyed it and continued afterward trying to build better habits and find a good balance between health, fitness, work, and my personal life...

I joined my refular Lunchbreak Yoga session on Friday to go home afterward for a growing up party for my youngest niece in the afternood which left me going quite wild on eating bad food in mini snickers, cookies & chips alongs with 2 big plates of spaghetti and ice cream as dessert. At least I only drank water and a lot of it.

So I picked up a lot of water weight which I aim to get off again the coming days. Both Stranger Things Season 4 and the new Star Wars Obi One series were released which I will most likely binge watch during fasting days and the week after my hot yoga challenge is ofer I will fully focus on dropping as much weight as I can

May 5x5 Hot Yoga Challenge


DayBed TimeAwakeWeightDay Score
01 May00:0008:0071.0 kg6
02 May00:0007:5070.8 kg7
03 May00:0008:4071.1 kg7
04 May00:0008:3070.1 kg7
05 May23:4507:5069.8 kg7
06 May00:3008:4069.8 kg7
07 May00:0007:3069.7 kg7
08 May00:0007:3069.4 kg7
09 May00:4007:5069.5 kg7
10 May00:0008:0068.8 kg7
11 May00:0007:0068.8 kg7
12 May00:0007:1068.9 kg7
13 May00:1007:2568.7 kg7
14 May00:1007:0068.6 kg7
15 May00:0007:1068.6 kg7
16 May00:1007:4068.1 kg7
17 May00:1008:0068.7 kg7
18 May00:0007:3068.6 kg6
19 May00:3007:4068.5 kg7
20 May00:2008:0068.4 kg6
21 May00:0007:4068.4 kg7
22 May23:4007:1567.3 kg7
23 May23:3007:3067.0 kg7
24 May00:0007:1567.8 kg7
25 May23:4007:2567.8 kg6
26 May23:3007:1567.9 kg7
27 May23:3007:4568.5 kg7

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