Day 1567 | Another Morning Run, Football & Play2Earn

I started a challenge of taking 100 days off to mainly focus on my health and overall personal development and used this account as a personal blog to keep track of all my activity. I enjoyed it and continued afterward trying to build better habits and find a good balance between health, fitness, work, and my personal life...

I continue my new ahbit to go outside forst thing in the morning for a short run followed by pretty much spending the entire day behind my pc being busy with handicapping and watching football matches while making sme content on my blog and play some Play2Earn games which all adds up in time requirement. Especially Splinterlands just requires too much time each day even though I enjoy the game exponentially more than I used to. I have also kind of gotten addicted to Sorare which works well combined with my betting activity.

I plan another run on Monday followed what usually is my bookkeeping day. On Tuesday I will be going out for the frist time since long meeting us with a friend attending a singles event.

60-Day Challenge

Days LeftWeightWalk100 Bench100 Squat100 CoreWater
Start70 kg-----
6469.5 kg22k27.7kg100502.5L
6369.8 kg13k27.7kg100603.0L
6269.6 kg15k30.2kg100502.5L
6169.8 kg12K30.2kg1002.5L
6070.0 kg16k30.3 kg003.0L
5969.8 kg18k32.7 kg1001003.0L
5869.2 kg16k35.0 kg1001002.5L
5769.0 kg10k37.5 kg10001.5L
5669.4 kg5k37.5 kg002.5L
5569.6 kg10k37.5 kg002.5L
5469.8 kg15k37.5 kg003.0L
5369.6 kg-37.5 kg002.5L
5270.0 kg-37.5 kg003.0L
5170.2 kg10k40 kg002.5L
5070.4 kg10k40 kg002.0 L
4970.3 kg7K40 kg002.5 L
4870.2 kg-40 kg002.5 L
4770.6 kg-42.5 kg002.5 L
4669.9 kg19k42.5 kg1001003.0 L
4570.0 kg14k42.5 kg1001003.5 L
4469.2 kgWFWFWFWF2.0 L
4369.2 kg6k2025102.5 L
4269.8 kg10k0002.0 L
4170.0 kg-0002.0 L
4070.3 kg13k12002.5 L
3970.2 kg-0002.0 L
3870.0 kg-0004.0 L
3770.0 kg-0003.0 L
3670.3 kg11k2525253.0 L
3570.2 kg8k0003.0 L
3470.4 kg8k20003.0 L

DayBed TimeAwakeExpensesDay Score
01 Aug00:0007:505.16€6
02 Aug00:3007:4010.15€7
03 Aug00:4007:307.30€6
04 Aug00:0007:009.0€6
05 Aug00:3008:0017.4€7
06 Aug00:0007:204.617
07 Aug00:2007:408.24€7